Zalto Glassware has landed!

These are exciting times if you're an avid fan of exceptional & elegant glassware, to be completely frank, these glasses are sexy!

Having held many a Riedel glass in my time these particular hand blown masterpieces from Zalto are a 'cut' above the rest. If you do not believe me I challenge you to come in and hold one! One of the many great things about Zalto is you can buy these individually, now that might not sound great at first however should you do the unthinkable and break one glass from your beloved set of 6 or 12 you can replace said glass with a single purchase which not only provides comfort for your wallet but it does mean you can always have that perfect full set at the dinner table!

The company was re-established in 2006 in Neunagelberg, Germany to specialize in superior, mouth-blown jars with the acquired brands Zalto and Denk`Art.

The Zalto brand goes back to the Zalto family, a glass dynasty from Veneto. Already six generations ago the family Zalto has settled in the northern Waldviertel and produced in Neunagelberg high-quality mouth-blown glass.

Zalto Glass is committed to the tradition of the brand Zalto to offer wine glasses and connoisseurs in their unusual form finished drinking glasses. All Zalto drinking glasses are hand-blown on the highest craftsmanship. 

Even when touching, the masterpieces of Zalto differ from all other glasses. What immediately strikes you is the balance and the extraordinary thin-walled nature of the Denk`Art line . The glasses appear delicate and elegant. 

The glasses of Zalto glass not only impress with their timeless design. They are all made without the addition of lead oxide and are resistant to turbidity . Despite its thin-walled design , the Denk`Art series fulfills all the attributes of a modern glass with regard to care and longevity. Denk`Art glasses are dishwasher-safe and have a high level of practicality. 

You will notice that like most brands 'Zalto' has labeled each glass which would indicate that certain glass shapes coincide with certain wines, something that the producers later regretted. True it is that Chardonnay benefits from a larger vessel however not all wines need this attention Zalto's universal glass covers most... and here is why! In the development of the series Denk`Art , a cosmic phenomenon inspired the designers. The angles of 24 °, 48 ° and 72 ° used in production correspond to the inclination angles of our earth. If the traditions were believed, the ancient Romans had already realised that these angles produced outstanding properties in the production of reservoirs. Foods were not only fresh, they tasted much better. The fact that in Zalto Denk`Art glasses unfold wines in the nose and on the palate optimally, we also return to these cosmic parallels. 

In short, a straight alignment from the base of the glass allows you to get the full expression of the wine in flavor through the structured layering of wine onto your pallet and also a direct aroma straight to the nose.

Here is our current range available online and in store


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