CRU Rewards Terms & Conditions

General CRU Rewards Terms & Conditions

The CRU Rewards loyalty programme 'the programme' and associated clubs and benefits are operated by Love Wine, Longueville Road, St Saviour, Jersey, JE2 7WF

Love Wine can cancel, withdraw or alter the programme, including these Terms and Conditions, or any individual CRU Rewards account, at any time. The CRU Rewards programme is for personal use only, and is not valid for trade, corporate or credit accounts. Love Wine can take any action it considers appropriate if we have reason to believe that you are abusing the programme or associated clubs and offers.

For accounts where points have not been redeemed within a duration of 6 months we reserve the right to reset your points balance to null. We will give you a 1 month notification to redeem points on your account preventing your points being reset.

 Data Protection

We will only share your details with businesses that process CRU Rewards, namely the app that developed the programme; Lotalty Lion. We will analyse your purchase history to provide you with relevant and personalised offers, information and advice.

Collecting CRU Rewards points

You can collect CRU Rewards points in the following ways:

Create an account

When you make a purchase online or in store 

Adding Your Birthday

Sharing on Social Media

Liking us on Social Media

Referring a friend

Sign up to our mailing list

Write a product review

The standard number of points you will collect once you have registered for the programme are 2 CRU Rewards point for every £1 you spend on qualifying purchases. As you progress through the tiers you will earn more CRU rewards points each time you purchase; however the number of points collected can vary with special offers and promotions. In store, points will be added to your CRU Rewards account automatically at the time you buy products and services included in the programme. 

CRU Rewards points will NOT be accrued in the following circumstances:

If orders are not paid for at the time of purchase and placed on credit account. 

On products already on Special offer.

On products that are already on a NET price.

On limited allocation wine releases

On Discovery Club Subscriptions, Boxes and all Mixed Cases

Love Wine reserves the right to withdraw points promotions/offers without notice.

Spending CRU Rewards points

To spend points online:

You can see points and redeem them by visiting website and logging into your account using the person icon on the right hand side of the top navigation menu. Once logged in click on the My Cru Rewards tab on the account menu to access the loyalty panel

If you click on this option or click on "Get Rewards", you'll see any rewards currently eligible for with a button to redeem for that reward.

After clicking on the "Redeem" button, it'll generate the discount code and display it on screen and also email this to you!

If you need more points, the option will appear grayed out and show how many points you still need to earn before you can redeem for that reward.

Only one CRU Rewards discount code can be used per order.

We do not charge for delivery in Jersey for all orders over £50.00 net (after offers, CRU Rewards vouchers, discounts etc). If your order is less than £50.00 net you will incur a £10.00 delivery charge.

To spend points in store:

Please ask your friendly cashier!

Once a reward voucher has been issued points will be deducted from your account. Each voucher will have an expiry date of 3 months and will not be valid after this time. We will not exchange CRU Rewards points for cash and the offer is non-transferable. We reserve the right to substitute or remove products and services available for points collection and redemption in store and online without notice.

Dormant Accounts

Your loyalty account will be deemed as dormant if you have not made a purchase for a minimum of 6 months.  Your CRU rewards points will expire unless you make a purchase within this 6 months period. You will be notified when your points are going to expire. 

CRU Rewards FAQs


Why are we changing up CRU Rewards?

We want to bring clarity to our loyalty rewards and ensure we are rewarding our most loyal customers appropriately. We are moving to a tiered system where the more you shop with us the more you earn!

How will I know which loyalty level I am in?

We will send you an invitation when we launch and confirm which loyalty group you are in. Once the scheme is launched, you will also be able to monitor what level you are in and what you need to spend to get to the next level within your CRU Rewards account online.

When are we launching?

The new CRU Rewards will become live on transactions from 9th December 2020. Don’t worry we’ll send you a reminder a couple of days before

Do I need to do anything?

No, you will be automatically placed in the tier relative to your spend and start earning points relative to your tier from launch date.


Earning Points

Can I earn points when I am redeeming a reward?

Yes, you will earn points on reward redemption orders as well as non-redemption orders.

Will I earn points on transactions when I am using a discount code?

Yes, you will earn points when you are using a discount code. Points will be earned on the discounted value of the transaction.

Can I be part of CRU rewards if I pay on account?

CRU rewards points are only earned if goods are paid for at point of purchase.

Will I earn points if I order over the phone?

No the CRU Rewards programme is reserved solely for orders placed with us online or in store. 

Will I be able to earn points on products that are on special offer or at a NET price?

Unfortunately, not, we are unable to offer double discounts on products already on promotion.

Will my points expire?

If you have not made a purchase with us for 12 months your points will expire. If you make a purchase with us at any point in the 12 months your points will be renewed. We will remind you if your points are close to expiry.

Will I keep my current points?


Can I use any current on-going discount code?

From launch CRU Rewards earning points will supersede any on-going discount. As we are giving a much larger value of points per transaction, we are unable to offer an ongoing discount code as you will be earning your discount by earning points on purchases.

Will you still be offering discount codes?

Very much so yes, we will be sending out targeted discount codes on a regular basis for online purchases or instore.


Redeeming Rewards

Will I be able to redeem rewards on items that are on special offer?

Yes, you can redeem rewards on your entire basket of goods.

Can I save points up and not use any for a long period of time?

No, CRU Rewards points will be reset if you have not redeemed
any within a 6 month period.