World Malbec Day - 17th April - Mixed Case offer

World Malbec Day - 17th April - Mixed Case offer

Get ready to mark your calendars because World Malbec Day is right around the corner on April 17th! It's the perfect time to indulge in this iconic grape's rich flavours and heritage. And here at Love Wine, we're gearing up to make this year's celebration one to remember with an exclusive offer you will want to take advantage of.

At Love Wine, we understand your passion for exploring the world of wine. That's why we've put together a unique mixed case of Malbec that transcends borders. From the vineyards of Mendoza to the hills of France and beyond, each bottle in our collection is a testament to the global allure of Malbec.

As a token of our appreciation for your love of wine, we're delighted to offer a generous 15% discount on case orders. This is our way of spreading the joy of World Malbec Day and giving you the opportunity to stock up on your favourite wines while enjoying significant savings.

So, what can you expect from our carefully selected lineup? Picture yourself savouring Argentina's bold and expressive Malbecs with their ripe fruit flavours and smooth, velvety textures. Then, journey to France and experience the elegance and sophistication of Malbecs from renowned wine regions like Cahors and Bordeaux.

Whether planning a cosy night in with loved ones or a virtual tasting with friends, our World Malbec Day special offer has something for everyone. It's your chance to raise a glass, toast to the global journey of Malbec, and celebrate the joy of wine.

Take advantage of this opportunity to indulge in the flavours of World Malbec Day.

Order your mixed case today from Love Wine, and let the festivities begin!

Cheers to Malbec and the wonderful world of wine,

Love Wine Team

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