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Every Fortnight a member of the team is tasked with picking a case of 6 wines for you all to give you inspiration for the coming Weekend.

Looking to simplify your shopping, haven't had time to do your research and need some trusted advice... Chris has done the research for you & picked out 6 wines all under £20 which are available online.

Chris Recommends:

It's my turn to pick you some fantastic wines to enjoy this weekend. I appreciate it's only Tuesday today but it's important to get prepped, especially with the bank holiday weekend on it's way, we wouldn't want you to have a lack of wine in the house for it!

Last time out we featured some great wines recommended by Will, so trying to beat that becomes a competition in itself but I'm up for the challenge. In this feature I'm also going to unleash one or two of our newer wines that I am sure will become house-hold favorites!

Switching from your current 'house' wine can be a leap of faith. Everyone has their go to grape varietals, regions and styles. However, a world of discovery awaits. Reaching out for change can be daunting but here at Love Wine we have a collection of wine to test the strongest believers. 

I have picked out three white and three red wines this week selected from a host of different producers, countries and grape varieties. If you do not get a chance to try them all this weekend build your taste buds a plan which will see your wine journey carry on throughout the next few weeks.


We are currently offering 15% discount off the full 'weekend wine picks' case.

Please place your orders before 15.00 Wednesday to ensure delivery before the weekend.

Here's what I recommend you should be drinking this weekend, happy shopping!:


Each Case will include the following wines:




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