Weekend Wine Picks

Weekend Wine Picks

Every Fortnight a member of the team is tasked with picking a case of 6 wines for you all to give you inspiration for the coming Weekend.

Weather has a huge factor on our decision regarding what colour of grape we lean towards. Given the recent fluctuation in hot and cold temperatures I have found myself at a confusing cross roads trying to figure out if this is rosé weather or red wine weather. Yesterday was my usual drive home, the roads clogged up with burnt sienna leaves and a windchill that sent shivers down my spine. The nights are coming quicker and the worlds axle is on the move once again for what seems to have been a very short summer. This weekend wine picks will help you find a moderate solution to both elements of this confusing time of year! 

In this edition Kevin has also added a favorable 'Cold Brew' from producer Emily at Fitch Brewery, this particular cold brew is made with 100% Ethiopian beans and stilled in uniquely tailored water for a stunning fruity bitter mouth feel. If you need that important kick in the morning I highly suggest trying it out!

Kevin Suggests:


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