Tidal Rum Perfect Serve Pt. 6 - The Final Short Serve

Tidal Rum Perfect Serve Pt. 6 - The Final Short Serve

Let's savour the moment!

Due to the success of Jersey's Tidal Rum, we will be releasing the final perfect serve with this Love Letter for your own Tidal Rum experience!

From short drinks to long drinks, quick and easy cocktails are the measure of the day (excuse the pun)!


What's next?

After a relatively easy introduction into cocktails, we are continuing the theme but upping the anti! You probably guessed from the title, but we are going to tell you how to make the perfect Short Serve. Simple and quick to make, but a warming libation.


50ml of Tidal Rum (obviously, although we to add a bit extra)


Pinch of Sea Salt Crystals

1 drop of Maple Syrup

Twist of Orange Peel

A leaf of Pepper Dulse Seaweed

How to

It helps if you put your chosen vessel (glass) in the freezer for 10-15 minutes before hand so its nice and chilled.

Next, remove said vessel from the freezer and add the rum, salt and Maple syrup over cubed ice. Stir gently for 10 seconds so everyone gets to know each other and chills out (a short dilution process). Finally, garnish with a twist of orange and a leaf of Pepper Dulse. Lovely.



If you give this glass a go, take a picture and tag us in it!

@LoveWineJe & @TidalRum

 Check out next month's article for a new potion!


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