The Dark Arts

The Dark Arts

It's officially that time of year to put down the hoppy IPA's and start entering the dark and sometimes murky world of stouts, porters and dark lagers. I don't know about you but when the weather turns colder and the days get shorter I start to get a calling from deep in my soul and start craving the black stuff!

Dark beers are a fascinating and varied subcategory that spans a wide breadth of styles from sours to porters to stouts to black IPAs. Though one's mind might immediately conjure up an image of a pitch-black imperial stout when thinking of dark beers, there are actually far more styles that qualify than those most typically associated with that moniker.

What makes dark beer dark I here you ask? The difference between light beer and dark beer boils down to the grain that is used in the brewing process. The majority of beers are made with barley, wheat or oats. ... The more they are roasted, the darker the grain becomes. The darker the grain, the darker the beer.

Fancy joining the dark side?

Here are my top dark beers currently in stock:





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