The Best Thing to Do In Jersey This Summer

The Best Thing to Do In Jersey This Summer

"Haven't seen their adverts plastered around Jersey? You've been living under a rock!"

I, being a full Jersey Bean - born and bred, spent majority of my childhood and teenage summers on Jersey down the beach, terrorising St Helier on a moped and living my best life - and to be honest, not much has changed apart from developing a [healthy] obsession with wine. During these years, the list of things-to-do whittles down pretty quickly. Whilst summer beach barbecues with a few brews are great fun and heading to sunbathe down Secrets are relaxing, it leaves one chomping at the bit to do something a bit different, something exciting.

So when I got a call one crisp, clear Monday morning in late March that the Jersey Seafaris team were looking to head out to the Echrehous in the afternoon and had a space on the boat, I leapt at the chance.

If you haven't seen their trips plastered across #VisitJersey and social media, you've been living under the rock rather than on it!

"You would be stupid not to try it."

Stef, the manager of Jersey Seafaris, told me that Sophie from our favourite delicatessen La Belle Gourmande would also be on the boat with her team to showcase their new food options available on Seafaris trips such as a Cool Box or Picnic menus ranging in prices for different options to include freshly prepared lunches with varying soft and alcoholic drink choices - the best thing is, it's actually cheaper than if you were to buy it in a shop. You would be stupid not to try it.

Want to know what they actually include? La Belle Gourmande's menu and Sumas' Lobster menu are here!

After taking a few snaps, we all opened a cheeky beer and tucked into Sophie's delicious, freshly made (what I like to call) adult lunch boxes. Now, it's not all fun and games for the Seafaris crew; when they aren't bombing around the island in high horse-power boats and living the life of Riley, they are busy at work down the beach, travelling or skiing (in the winter months). The question I asked myself though was would it be better to learn about and drink wine between 9 and 5 or be an adventure-junkie? 

Having been on Jersey long enough, it is quite easy to see why Seafaris work... You and the family or a group of mates want to do something, but you've done everything on land or down the beach - you need inspiration for something to do, right? Going on holiday with everyone would be fantastic, but who can afford the time and cost of doing this all the time (I certainly cannot). And that's why Seafaris work.

You check the weather forecast for the next week or so, pick a day that suits, speak to Stef and it's all sorted. You rock up and are transported to a part of the island, surrounding waters or even France (if you are feeling brave enough to venture there) that you wouldn't normally get to visit, it's like being on holiday except without other, annoying holidaymakers covered head to toe in tracksuits going to Spain that automatically put you in a bad mood.

You want to go in search of wildlife, easy - not a problem. Craving a picnic on a Caribbean horseshoe-shaped sand bar, consider it done. Fancy an eye-watering rib tour around the island to your favourite pizza place at Portlet - no sweat.

It's not just private bookings either, Seafaris open their boats to corporate bookings and even offer a taxi service from various ports to seaside restaurants - which is far more exhilarating than an overpriced taxi and safer than a cheap lift from a contact int he Jersey Lifts Facebook page. 

But why are we telling you this? First off, the Seafaris team are incredibly knowledgeable about Jersey and its surrounding waters and are sending out important messages about keeping the island and beaches clean for wildlife, preserving it for future generations.

Secondly, we have a discount for our readers - book in with Seafaris before May 2019 and receive 10% off your boat! Just click here or use ES19 as a discount code when booking!

Another thing that Stef, Sophie and our teams are organising is a Cheese and Wine event on 1st June 2019, whereby you will be transported to the picturesque, secluded Ecrehous to devour and feast on delicious meat and cheeses, whilst slurping down some fantastic vino! We are still in the planning stages but watch out for more information on tickets as events like this sell out in a shot.

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