Siren has landed!

Siren has landed!

Siren has arrived! You might remember a post a few weeks ago regarding these little beauties!... well... they are here and they have nestled into our craft beer corner seamlessly. 

Siren was only founded in 2012 by Darron Anley. Here is what he has to say about what he's trying to create with Siren Craft Brew. 

"To us at Siren, we see great beer as many see fine wines. In a great beer there is Allure – something that draws you in, is it the aroma? The look? Or just the thought about what awaits in that sparkling glass in front of you. Siren Craft Brew want you to look at beer in the same way. Yes it can be that perfect thirst quencher on a hot summers days, yes it can be the perfect drink to mark the end of a busy week. But look closer, smell closer, there is more. Much more. 

To build an artisanal product you have to approach it in the right way. Every stage in the brewing process is carefully thought through to ensure that we get the product we want at the end. The brewing process hasn’t changed in hundreds of years, but as industrialisation has sped many things up, to us we take things slower. The beer will be ready when its ready, not because it needs to get out of the door."

Here's a little more information about their core beers:

A Tale of Temptation

Those are the voices of Yu Lu, Undercurrent, Soundwave, Liquid Mistress, Broken Dream and Calypso. They are calling you.

Allow them into your thoughts and encourage them to play. Say to them secrets, share with them desires. You could try to hide your true feelings but they will fire your imagination, alight and alive your tastebuds.

Be wary though. They are here to tease, here to sway and persuade, here to breathe softly and carry you away. They are the sirens of Siren Craft Brew. 


A 4.5% pale ale with spicy, grassy aromas and a taste of grapefruit and apricot.

Undercurrent is part pale, part oats and part caramel barley. Her swirls of bold, bready and nutty malt whirl into a concoction of spicy, citrus, floral hops. Mystery lurks in those cascade and palisade hops.

Her silky, creamy body will pull you under.


A 5.6% west coast IPA: golden, immensely hoppy and alive with grapefruit, peach and mango flavours.

Soundwave carries her drinker to the west coast, to the golden shores of California where craft ale is nectar. She is the driest of Siren’s ales – full with flavour but subtle with bitterness.

Her resinous finish will pull you off balance.

Liquid Mistress

A 5.8% west coast red IPA: burnt raisins and crackers balanced by citrus.

Liquid Mistress is our femme fatale – mysterious, seductive and disarming. She draws and charms drinkers with her full, red colours. You will soon desire her biscuit-and-burnt-raisin malt base, and peach and grapefruit spark.

Her devious hop hit will steal your breath.

Broken Dream

A 6% breakfast stout with a gentle touch of smoke, coffee and chocolate.

Broken Dream is deep and complex. She lurks in your imagination. She binds smoke and coffee aromas with chocolate, milk and oats to create something thick, velvety and slick.

She will draw you towards a land of flavour, passion and colour.


A 4% Berliner-style sour beer that is liberally dry hopped

The newest addition to our core beer range is Calypso, the Goddess known for her sharp tongue. This beer is our homage to this enchantress, a tart, spritzy Berliner-style sour beer. Each batch is dry-hopped differently, here are the most recent gyles:

#802 – Citra, Sorachi Ace, HBC 431
#823 – Galaxy, Mosaic, Amarillo
#831 – Comet, Citra, Mosaic
#863 – Equinox, Mosaic, Galaxy
#870 – Simcoe, Centennial
#901 – Cluster, Comet, Simcoe, Mosaic

Her sharp tongue will play havoc with your senses.

We're hoping to have Siren Craft Brew in stock in the next couple of weeks. They'll also be featuring heavily at the Streetlife Craft Beer Festival where ytou'll have the opportunity to meet one of the team Patrick Thompson (formerly of BrewDog fame) so come down and say hi.



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