New Wave South Africa

New Wave South Africa

Yesterday proved to be winner, a day that reassures you are on the right track...

For a while now we have been hugely passionate about the wine and wine making talent emerging from South Africa.  Two years ago Chris and I took the plunge and jumped on a plane to Cape Town for the once every few years exhibition known as Cape Wine.  At the time we were quietly confident about our wine knowledge from this stunning part of the world, however we were not prepared for the abundance of quality that was presented.  Having spent a whistle stop 3 days on the ground, meeting some very down to earth and modest  talent, we returned excited and driven to bring as many of these wines to you, here in Jersey.

Yesterday, two years later, we found ourselves at the second edition New Wave South Africa tasting, based at the Village Underground in Shoreditch, London.  Think 42 of SA's most exciting wine making talents coming together under one 'hipster'ish' event roof.  Names such as Chris Alheit, John Seccombe (Thorne & Daughters), Duncan Savage, Hannes Storm to name only a few... all exhibiting their wine to a room full of the UK's wine trade, retailers and journalists.  It was a treat, the wines were a treat and we only hope that we can relay this experience to you through the power of drinking!!  


Above: Team Swig; Duncan Savage (Savage Wines) and Alex Starey (Keermont Vinyards)

Whilst we can't replicate the experience in a newsletter, we can introduce to you a number of the wines we have available here at Love Wine.  Hopefully we can tickle your fancy and relay this experience to you through the power of drinking!!

With this in mind, I have put together a small selection of South African wonders and implore you to immerse yourself in the options below or pop into the shop to see what we have to offer.   

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