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Let's get 'sugar aware' ;) this January with my Cocktail of the week!

The Skinny Bellini

Christmas & New Year are over, the sobering truth of yet another year gone ‘bye’….

Social media and the press have their part to play in conscious decisions regarding keeping fit & watching what we consume on a daily basis so, this is my way of contributing through life experience to those who feel all in moderation is fair game!

The first rule I truly believe in is a good cocktail should be consumed in 3 to 4 sips, the size of the cocktail is obviously up for debate ‘mines a double’… cool, fresh, crisp and full of different textures and aromas. Nothing upsets me more than an over diluted cocktail! No Science needed at this point but trust me when I say more ice is less dilution. More ice allows your drink to cool down in its vessel quicker… thus allowing the sparkle to stay alive in your Gin and Tonic and the crispness of your cola to fizz on in its entirety as you sip your Cube Libre.

Having met Amanda the founder of Skinny Prosecco… I just knew after hearing her stories of a sugar free upbringing and ‘popping next door for a slice of white bread’ that I had a product where I did not have to re-create the wheel but instead just tweak it to make a delicious classic.

This cocktail really is a testament to all involved in our team for 2016, not only did I get the chance to meet with Amanda, but Love Wine also brought on-board a small selection of liqueur’s by the name of Gabriel Boudier. We had a great tasting session comparing some competitors liqueur’s, the Boudier liqueurs showed exceptionally well with an unrivaled depth of fruit flavour. This provided me with the second part to this amazing cocktail. Using Gabriel Boudier ‘Crème de Peche’ you don’t need any peach puree to fill this out for body, the liqueur really does have all the freshness of a ripe white peach.

Feel free to try this concoction at home; we have done the hard work for you… these two elements simply work together in harmony for the perfect ‘Bellini’. Skinny Prosecco has only 7 grams of sugar per litre, that’s over half the amount of a normal bottle of Prosecco!! So with sugar intake on the mind you're in safe hands with this one!


The Skinny Bellini:


¾ of a glass of Skinny Prosecco


Add dash of Gabriel Boudier, Peach liqueur.

If you’re a dab hand in the kitchen you could always poach your peaches in white sugar syrup and caramelize with demerara using a blow torch.

Enjoy, this may help to brighten up your 'dry' January! Naughty but nice! 



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