Kathy Jordan comes to Jersey

Kathy Jordan from Jordan winery has confirmed she will be flying over all the way from South Africa, with the intention of off-loading her magnificent knowledge of wine onto us. 

Kathy and husband Gary have been making world-class wines at Jordan's wine estate since 1993 on a farm with over 300 years of history, together this husband and wife team is a phenomenon. The Jordan philosophy combines the vineyards natural assets with innovative management, creating a profound expression of terroir.

Jordan Wine Estate - 'he perfect synergy between Soul & Soil

Unique by nature's design, the Jordan slopes face North, South, East and West with vineyards laying at differing altitudes from 160 to 410 meters above sea level, beneficial maritime conditions from both the Indian Ocean & the Atlantic Ocean has this land reap its rewards from the mild Mediterranean influences.

A little about Kathy: 

Obtaining her Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Cape Town, with a double major in Economics and Industrial Psychology, Kathy went on to study at the University of California, Davis. She attended classes in the Department of Viticulture and Enology as well as marketing courses in the Department of Agricultural Economics. She also completed a 6-month internship at Iron Horse Winery, Sonoma.

On returning to South Africa, Kathy and Gary jointly spearheaded the growth and development of the family-run, Jordan Wine Estate, from the initial 6 000-case winery to a successful 65 000-case business, regularly rated as one of the Top 10 wineries in South Africa.

Since 1993, the maiden vintage at Jordan, both Gary & Kathy have been hands-on and intimately involved in all aspects of winemaking, marketing and the development of the estate from a small family-run, 100 T cellar into the 900 T cellar that it is today.

Kathy is committed to elevating the profile of woman in the wine business through her Women in Wine Initiative, started in 2013 with the help of Jancis Robinson.

2015 saw the start of a new venture on Jordan Wine Estate – the establishment of the Jordan Luxury Suites in which Kathy was instrumental. This new project adds another dimension to the visitor experience at Jordan.

The cellar:


The cellar is pure Jordan. An elegant, yet bold fusion of Old and New World architectural ideas.

The barrel-fermented white wines are made according to Classic Burgundian methods. Fermentation takes place in the coolest area of the underground cellar. Separate barrel cellars are designated for Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Shiraz where the wines mature and undergo malolactic fermentation in Bordeaux-shaped barrels.


Our Jordan Wine Range 


We will be holding our first summer tasting at Portlet Bay Cafe hosted by Kathy herself on 5th September 2017. To meet this extraordinary wine maker please reserve your space by RSVP to Kevin@lovewine.je 

More details to follow.

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