International Sauvignon Blanc Day

International Sauvignon Blanc Day

International Sauvignon Blanc Day Friday 7th May!

Sauvignon Blanc deserves its own day to be celebrated, and on May 7th 2021, we celebrate International Sauvignon Blanc day! This racy grape has achieved worldwide popularity, propelling Sauvignon Blanc to top-tier white wine status alongside Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio.

Sauvignon Blanc’s name comes from the French Sauvage, meaning wild—a reference to the variety’s origins as a native grape variety of France. Like other wine grapes, it takes on different personalities depending on where it’s grown.

This is a fabulous grape with the ability to adapt to a variety of locations and climates. Wines hailing from warmer regions tend to have more roundness and tropical fruit. In contrast, those from cool-climate vineyards typically favour bright acidity and herbaceous notes such as green bell pepper, grass and nettles.

Origination from Bordeaux, France, Sauvignon Blanc is now widely cultivated worldwide in countries such as Chile, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and California, to name a few!

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