Fans of Zinfandel

Zinfandel Day (the New World Primitivo)!

To celebrate this misunderstood grape, a whole festival has been dedicated to it each year in San Francisco. The festival includes good food and great wine.

As we can't make it over the pond this year, we are celebrating it here with you guys! To make things better, THIS SATURDAY we are going to have an open tasting where you can come and try a range of Zinfandel styles for yourselves!

Zinfandel (or 'Zinf' as some like to call it) is an immigrant like most Americans, originating from the Croatian grape variety Crljenak Kastelanski, its heritage dates as far back as the Roman Empire in 32BC. In 1850's was transported from Vienna over to California due to its excellent raisin producing qualities. Primitivo (the Italian varietal) is actually a clone relative - very similar to Zinf!

By 1975 in America, white wine was more popular than red in America and to respond to this demand, a couple of crazy Americans attempted to create a dry, white wine fermenting Zinf juice pressed off the skins (since the skin is what adds colour and tanning to red wine). The attempt was a disaster because of a stuck fermentation where not all the sugar fermented, creating a pink and sweet wine; it was released anyway and wine drinkers loved it! Nowadays white Zinf accounts for 85% of Zinf produced.

How to find great Zinf?

First, learn the flavours: Zinf has high acidity which can often be described as 'spicy'. Berry flavours are dominant (think strawberry and blackberry). If you like 5-spice, cloves and cinnamon in your wine, look for an oak-aged Zinf. If you like lighter and more delicate wines, look for less oak!

Alcohol levels matter! Would you prefer a rich Zinf or a light one? The easiest way to tell how a Zinf will feel in the mouth is to look a the alcohol level, with riper Zinf grapes producing higher ABV wines. Riper equals richer, darker, 'sweeter' tasting wines.

What wines will be open this Saturday for you?

Drop by the shop to meet these exciting wines and have a one-on-one tasting with Alex or Kevin!

Don't forget, we are offering all Cru Club loyalty members double loyalty points on all purchases until 1 February 2019!

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