Double Dutch arrives with a bang!!

Double Dutch arrives with a bang!!

The Dutch football team may not be making the world cup after some lackluster performances however the star studded selection of tonic waters from Double Dutch most certainly qualify on the international scene. New flavours such pomegranate & basil or cucumber & watermelon will help you to mix things up a little. Here is what the Double Dutch girls had to say about their new range of tonics!

'We were raised in the Netherlands so we have a natural affinity with superlative drinks and excellent blendings. After all, we come from the birthplace of gin!'

But our romance turned to frustration. While the world’s choice of spirits has continued to grow, mixers and sodas have remained bland … 'less of a twin, more of a shadow'

Double Dutch is the result of our love affair to unite great spirits with complementary mixers that enliven and enhance. Richard Branson has supported the Double Dutch vision by giving us a Foodpreneur award for our innovative Food and Beverage brand.

From the world’s best mixologists through to those who prefer their G&T on the sofa at home, we’ve created revolutionary mixers to intensify enjoyment of spirits, or to be drunk solo.

Double Dutch is much more than double the taste sensation, it’s a whole new world of soft drinks'

A mixer should elevate the spirit, spurring the tastebuds to experience new and richer, deeper and more exciting flavours. It should reward the drinker with sensations that improve rather than diluting their chosen drink – 'it should bring a spirit to life.'

Great cooks and food creators have long had an intuitive sense of which flavours work together – now their art is underpinned by data. Food pairing (aka molecular gastronomy) is an increasingly utilised science that explores which foods have similar flavour balances to reward the palate.

This is the philosophy behind Double Dutch – drawing on scientific research, sourcing the finest ingredients and combining art with craft to create soft drinks that intensify the flavour of spirits and delight the tastebuds when drunk alone.

We truly believe in this product along with a rather influential hand of people such as Virgin, The Times, Gin Foundry, Vinspire & The Craft Gin Club to name a few, we now have this in stock and is currently available for you to order!


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