Brockmans earns world wide acclaim

Brockmans earns world wide acclaim

Brockmans Gin awarded gold at SIP, International Craft Spirits competition

Brockmans super-premium Gin, was awarded gold medals at both the 2017 SIP Awards and the 2017 International Craft Spirits Awards. Brockmans, available in nearly 30 countries, has seen tremendous growth around the world and continues to build impressive momentum in the United States, the company says.

“Brockmans Gin is created using a unique blend of botanicals that are batch distilled, making it a spirit that is beautifully made and intensely smooth — truly a gin ‘like no other’,” said Bob Fowkes, marketing director and co-founder of Brockmans Gin, in a statement. “Consumers, around the globe, are exploring new-style gins and embracing Brockmans. Recognition from these two highly regarded spirits competitions is a testament to our commitment to producing and delivering an outstanding gin that is a leader in the new-style movement.”

Brockmans is made with a blend of botanicals including blackberries, blueberries coriander from Bulgaria and juniper berries sourced from Tuscany. This combination of botanicals is steeped in pure grain spirit for as long as 24 hours to release the flavors and then distilled in a traditional copper still. Conventional gin aromas of juniper and angelica marry with the refreshing citrus flavors and the rounder top notes of blueberry and blackberry to give the gin its distinctive signature taste.

For anyone who enjoys making cocktails I highly recommend that you try a classic Bramble with this infusion Gin, for those who enjoy a Cosmopolitan I suggest the same thing, no need to reinvent the wheel, just replace your usual base spirit with this deliciously elegant Gin!

To make a Bramble I would suggest:

Fill your tumbler with crushed ice, If you do not have an ice crusher, put some regular cubed ice into a 'North Yorkshire coastal T-Towel' and let out some frustration with a rolling pin, crushed ice will be the bi-product! 

Add: 40ml of Brockmans Gin, 25 ml fresh lemon juice, 10 ml of sugar syrup, shake hard over ice and strain the mixture over your cubed ice, to add a bit of panache and flair, bleed 10ml of Creme De Mures over the top of your ice dome and garnish with some blackberries and a lemon twist.



To make a 'Brokma'-'politan' I would suggest:

Add: 40ml of Brockmans Gin, 10 ml of Cointreau, 10 ml of fresh lime juice and 25 ml of cranberry juice, shake hard and fine strain the mix into a chilled stemmed cocktail glass. For a little drama try your hand at a flamed orange zest! (please note: creating a flamed orange zest poses a slight risk of amazement for first time flamers!)

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