Big Drop Alcohol free Craft Beer!

Big Drop Alcohol free Craft Beer!

So, that Festive period was intense! Where did the last 9 months disappear to?  January's here. Happy New Year! Welcome to 2021... here's hoping this year reflects the gentle ups and downs of a 'merry go round', rather than the scariest ride at Alton Towers!


If there is one thing to say, that's thank you for joining us on the 2020 roller coaster... it was a scream that's for sure. 2021, we are set for you and ready to bring the fight!!


With that in mind, and this our first Product Drop of the year, we thought we should bring you a new, award-winning, creative and super tasty product that is very befitting of January!



Award-winning, alcohol-free craft beer!

Big Drop Brewing Co. is dedicated exclusively to making the finest 0.5% ABV beer. Launched in October 2016 by the-then City lawyer Rob Fink, along with his school-friend/band-mate, designer and entrepreneur, James Kindred.


Craft beer has been a fun journey for us so far, and coming across Big Drop has only excited us more.  It just so happens to be alcohol-free, which is a feather in the cap.  So, whether you’re looking to cut down, cut out or just try something new, Big Drop has crafted a great beer for almost any beer lover.


To drink. Not to be drunk.

These alcohol-free craft beers are scarily good. Known for having bolder, hoppier flavours than other non-alcoholic beers, it’s all about thinking outside the box to brew what beer drinkers love.


The range offers a number of styles from a clean, fresh Pale Ale, to a fuller dark Chocolatey stout; all with a mouthfeel that will entertain and not leave you missing alcohol.


The beauty about Big Drop is that if you want to stay alcohol-free, then you can, however, if you just want to cut back and enjoy a craft beer followed by a Big Drop, you won't be left with that disappointing feeling of absence... what's missing... oh the alcohol. NO, this is not a problem with Big Drop, they are ace!


The Beers


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