Late Night Opening Tonight!!!

Late Night Opening Tonight!!!

Christmas is coming ever closer and so does the search for the perfect Christmas wines for your nearest and dearest. Join us as we kick start our Late Night Shopping on Thursday, 13th December 2018 from 5pm - 8.30pm.  You will be warmly greeted with some delightful Sippin Gin & sparkling wine to get you in the festive mood. Not drinking? we can pop the kettle on! 

This epic Rhubarb Gin, created under the professional eyes of Sumas Restaurant executive Chef Dany Lancaster and restauranteurs Paul and Tara Dufty, is the first of it’s kind to be distilled on the island of Jersey.  

Using locally sourced Jersey Rhubarb and a blend of 8 botanicals, Sippin Rhubarb capitalises on the exciting trend for craft gins and is set to tantalise the taste buds of gin lovers everywhere. 

On hand will be our trusty team to aid you with any helpful suggestions and any other requests that you may have. (Grinch outfits not included)

We have some excellent wines on offer ranging from some classical old world French and some exciting producers from the new world too, among the array of craft beer and champagne we also have a whole bunch of hampers designed to wow your friends and family.

So if you need some extra time to get things right this Christmas then look no further, remember... should you tuck into your Christmas stash we will also be open as sited in the opening times below!


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