February Cru Club Tasting - Savour That Glass - Thursday 28th

February Cru Club Tasting - Savour That Glass - Thursday 28th

Open Tasting - Feb - 28th

Throughout January some of you may have decided to moderate your consumption which ties perfectly into our 'Savour That Glass' wine tasting session. This is going to be the first instalment of our 11-month wine tasting for the year 2019! Exclusively for you, the discerning Cru Club member, we want to take you on an 11-month wine journey specifically using certain wine varieties from certain countries and regions. 

New Look Cru Club Breakdown

Our first Cru Club Tasting is going to be based on French wines, which will in large be split up into three separate tastings due to the styles & varieties available within France. We will be focusing on wines specifically from the south of France with some influence from the Languedoc and Burgundy being the focus. So... If you like French wines, then this might well be the time to get yourself & close friends down to our tasting room & discover something new. 

The Incentive

We are rolling out a new concept to help encourage those who are keen to bolster their wine cabinets.  Like all the wines on the evening? Make up a case of 6. A £10 ticket price has now been added which will contribute to some fantastic food (including a sexy deli board and bread's) on the night. The catch... buy a case of wine on the evening and receive your £10 back! Win-Win! Think of it as a deposit for the wines you are about to try. Your Cru Club loyalty discounts will also be added to further the value of these experiences. Keep your eyes peeled as I heard a rumour that the loyalty points will sporadically increase to double or even triple points from time to time throughout the year 2019.

The Format

Each month we will be representing a minimum of 8 wines, you will be greeted with a glass of sparkling on arrival & straight into the tasting room to explore, you will be presented with 4 whites & 4 reds (with rose wines to be included in the summer) based on a new country or region. In-depth food pairings and local knowledge about the wines on-show will be communicated via our handy lads in the shop Kevin & Alex. Food will be laid out for those who are feeling peckish or simply need something of substance to help open up some of the interesting flavours of our more complex offerings. Browse at your own leisure and let us know if something spikes your interest. Remember... If you know you know! This is an exclusive event for our private members ONLY.


Please click on the link below to confirm your attendance and we will get your name on the list. Be quick as this event is allocated to all Cru Members. First come first serve RSVP. If you would like to bring a plus one or even a party of guests, just let us know at the point of making a reservation. Let's kick back, pop the corks and discover together. 




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