Transtherm - State-of-the-Art Wine Cellars

Transtherm - State-of-the-Art Wine Cellars

Transtherm, the Rolls Royce of wine storage?

Have you ever stumbled across a concealed wine cellar under the family home? No? We can believe it, not often are many houses fitted with one!

So what do you do when you don't have the space for a wine cellar, but still want to keep wines stored in perfect condition. Well, we have found the solution!

Recently Love Wine have teamed up with Transtherm.  In the beginning, Transtherm specialised in the supply of refrigerated catering equipment used aboard railway carriages. Indeed, some of the world's most prestigious trains have been equipped by Transtherm. This expertise lead the team in to fine wine and the perfect storage thereof. They have used their unique expertise to produce some of the most respected wine storage systems and sell to over 30 countries worldwide.

So, without getting too technical, here's a few key points about Transtherm Wine Storage Systems. Note that these cabinets have nothing in common with traditional refrigerators that generate an intense cold environment, which could dry out the corks and even worse, denature your vintage wines:  

  • The unit will keep wines at a constant, stable temperature allowing them to develop naturally with the added advantage of being readily available.
  • Adaptable humidity levels keep the wine in perfect condition allowing it to develop naturally.  This keeps corks in good condition preventing them from drying out and also keeps the labels looking good too!
  • The units are Vibration free with wooden shelves, so near silent operating which is always nice in your home but also important to maintain the condition of the wine.
  • Many storage layout options that include either shelf of stacked. 


We are very excited to be offering such a quality product to the Island.

If you are interested you are welcome to pop down to the shop and see our display Transtherm or drop us an email and we can discuss options with you!

Dave & The Love Wine Team





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