It was only a matter of time...The Very First Provencal Rosé Gin Ever Made!!

It was only a matter of time...The Very First Provencal Rosé Gin Ever Made!!

After what feels like years & years of crazy growth, you’d think there might be some let-up in people’s obsession with gin, but far from it, it seems. According to some industry insiders, gin is now a £1.9bn industry in the UK annually, and that’s forecast to hit £2bn this year. Many gins now fetch £30-45 a bottle, and some of those are packed in 50cl bottles! 

Gin seems to have entered a zone previously occupied by champagne, where sales are impervious to premium pricing.

Amazingly, new gins are still being invented that no one has thought of before. The latest trend is pink gin, which should come as no surprise, because let's face it, anything pink and drinks related is in demand right now! Could that have anything to do with the fact that pink drinks are more Instagrammable? 

With the huge success of Provence rosé, surely the next logical step was to make a gin pink gin from the region? So Terres de Mistral gin was born.  Developed because of three friends' love of all things Provence. After many years selling Provence wines they came across a distillery in Forcalquiers, family owned for almost 100 years and between them created this unique Provencal gin. 

On the nose this gin evokes the herbs of Provence with thyme, rosemary and a citrus burst from pink grapefruit peel. On the palate the gin has pink grapefruit citrus, mint and fennel.


If you like all things pink or even just a decent gin... pop it in the basket! Enjoy!


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