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We are always looking to find local products of substantial quality. In this blog Matt & Digby, founders of Stinky Bay Brewing Co. take us through their story of a dream to production.

The first ever micro-brewery in Jersey? You better believe it! Matt & Digby have been working 40 hour weeks to get this company off the ground. Completely self thought, self generated and self funded. These boys have put in an extraordinary amount of work into their newest venture! 

Matt Topman is naturally an outdoor instructor and was working a winter season in Canada flexing his skills making tailored ski boots and boards. The idea for Stinky Bay was blue printed during a few large ones once Digby had flown out to meet up with Matt. They both enjoyed a little road trip in October 2016 which saw the big light bulb go off on what potential enjoyment could be had by creating Jerseys first micro brewery.  

"We were sitting, drinking a cold beer in an empty bar on Vancouver Island, we thought... nobody is making beer this tasty in Jersey" 

Digby knew that micro-brewing was huge in America and there is a growing culture for this demand right here in Jersey! We both love craft beer, so why not try our hand at producing something we both love? 

Young entrepreneurs Matt and Digby have known each other since Les Landes primary school. The gents came back to Jersey in March, Matt had shelved the idea until he received a message from Digby. The long and short of it was why do the winter seasons for the rest of your life... let's do this!

Nothing beats the feeling of working in the Caribbean, however even working in the Caribbean can become mundane after a certain point. Why not set up your own business and work for yourself said Digby, and with your mate... what a working environment that would be! 

The question on most young peoples mind is why go back to Jersey? They needed a reason, something that would illuminate their attention and something with meaning. This was the perfect opportunity to help the guys settle back into island life here in Jersey.  

Without complication the lads went all in. They registered their new company Stinky Bay Brewery Company in May 2016.

As a child Matt grew up in the Stinky Bay area, the house that he grew up in his home of homes. What better way to start up your business paying homage to his local roots... a local name with a bit of mischief.

The name comes from a part of the island’s west coast, the micro-brewery has been constructed in a separate building in St Lawrence. Given the boys have funded this entire project alone they describe it as the working mans factory in comparison to other larger and more established businesses. 

In the beginning a minimum of 40 hours per week were facing the guys, man hours were needed to get this project up and running! Plenty of YouTube video's and online tutorials had been watched to understand the basis of the brewing itself and the marketing to go along with it. Not to mention the rigorous task of sourcing their equipment from a multitude of places such as Germany, Holland and the UK.

Digby was not shy in his assessment of the start up of this new venture "This has been a slow and painful process. Hold ups and timing delays along with waiting on shipments have resulted in a slightly slower start to life as a micro-brewery! We are very grateful to everyone who has been involved thus far... everyone has been extremely helpful!"

They guys have set their targets high, for now they have a cracking IPA on the market with a view to expanding to a fuller range.

Matt & Digby now have a prime location within our 'craft beer corner' at Love Wine along with a passionate sales team to help push this brand in the right direction! A great coup! Well done boys... the hard work starts now!  

 Don't forget to hit them up on all social media platforms for their latest news and events!


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