Spring Weekend Wine Picks

It's time for some Love Wine weekend recommendations!

I am not normally one for talking about the weather & this might sound like an oxymoron but... isn't it sunny but still a little bit wet at the moment?

The very definition of Spring comes alive once the clocks 'spring' forward. Despite holding a grudge over losing that precious one hour shut eye, the slightly warmer air and the lighter nights reminded me that a change in season is good news!

Dinner was enjoyed in broad daylight for the first time in what feels like the longest winter in decades and although I was well behaved earlier in the week I could really feel the devil on my shoulder asking 'do we have any Rosé in the fridge Kevin?' I managed to stay strong on this particular occasion but I feel the weekend it might be a different story!

It's time to clean the bbq's, rake the garden, scrub the outside furniture, wash the car, finish that project which you started but didn't quite finish last summer & start ones preparation for the forthcoming Spring.

Now, as I like to share my knowledge, I have put together a number of great value Spring hitters for you. Take a minute or two to have a look at what you could be enjoying in the comfort of your own garden en route to a splendid Summer!

Cheers Kevin

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