SKINNY January!

SKINNY January!

Not Just 'Skinny' But Top Quality!

Now, for the majority of us, January brings its fair share of painstakingly healthy notions and with it a 'healthier' way of life. Granted, after the festive period we all need a little rest from the indulgence but moderation is key! 

The Skinny Story

Skinny Prosecco is my January choice, not only because Amanda is fantastic, but she has nailed a top-quality sparkling wine with all the right notes.

Vegan, organic, gluten-free and less sugar, is there anything this bottle doesn't do?. Now put these words behind you for one moment, not only is the above true but the juice inside the bottle is of premium quality too. Amanda sources her top-quality Glera from Treviso in the North East of Italy, Veneto. What makes this low sugar wine interesting is the fact that without sugar, these grapes have nothing to hide behind. You can create an okay wine with not the best grapes providing you throw enough sugar at it. Think of the sugar as a mask that covers the impurities of a low-quality grape, and Prosecco was born.

Amanda has sourced some fantastic Glera which doesn't need to hide behind anything, hence why you pay a little bit more of a premium than the usual bottle of sparkling wine.

Why the Name Skinny? Well, it does have a little something to do with the sugar content as well as a little bit of branding. Amanda set about her ways early on to create some transparency in the Brut, Extra Brut wording within the industry. The name 'Skinny' is an excellent indicator of what the bottle is about. Not everyone knows the difference between an Extra Dry and an Extra Brut, so to make life a little easier, I have laid out the facts here. You can find anywhere up-to 12-17 grams of residual sugar in 1 litre of pressed grape juice in a bottle of Extra Dry Prosecco whereas an Extra Brut will be lesser in sweetness allowing for up to 0-6 grams of residual sugar per 1 litre of pressed grape juice. 

Get your fill of the Skinny stuff here:

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