Rose til the Summer's out!

Rose til the Summer's out!

Sip rose whilst the sun still shines.

Jersey love's a rosé party!  At Love Wine, we have seen an astounding 144% increase in consumer rosé purchases in 2020 vs 2019.  No doubt a sunny lockdown had a significant influence in this. However, there has been a substantial increase globally of 40% rise consumption between 2002 and 2018. 

With rosé being a very marketable and fashionable product, i.e. instagramable brands such as Whispering Angel, it stands to reason that the consumer market is becoming younger. With youth, you get social media visibility and therefore, a broader global pull.  

At Love Wine, we have a solid rosé game.  Provence is the performer here with brands such as Whispering Angel, Love by Leoube, AIX & Minuty M heading up the charge.  These wines are stylish, super tasty and very refreshing so no surprise there.

The beauty about an increased interest in any kind of drinks category is that it builds confidence among a smaller number of the consumer group who will, out of pure intrigue, start to explore other areas of the rosé market. 

It is with this that in mind we have decided to list our top 5 roses for you to have a look through.  Be brave, have a pop! 

Disclaimer: all are dry!

The selection:





If on the other hand, you are solely a Provence fan, we have put together this case of 6x tasty Provence rosés for you to see the summer out with. We've even thrown a cheeky 15% discount in there.


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