The new bar in town - Project 52

‘Project 52, I’ve heard about this, sounds great… where is it?’

Founded by a community of Jersey’s forward thinking business minds, looking for a slice of something different. Uncovering a creative side, presenting Jersey with an innovative, fun and stylish concept hidden away down a cobbled street.



Working in partnership with Project 52 may force us to lean towards a biased opinion; however we have reason to be a proud member of such a great concept. When given the opportunity to lend our expertise to an exciting idea we jumped. What a treat and an honour to be involved in something both exclusive and inclusive at the same time.



Have you ever been out with friends or a client, sipping on a tepid pint of gassy lager or left resorting to an over sweet rum and coke not sure where to go next. The very words echo every time: ‘I wish I had my own bar we could go to, it would be great!’

Well… now 52 members have, and best of all it’s not just exclusive to members, anyone can come along. All you need do is look for the buzzer.



Project 52 is a place where the club manager welcomes you with a ‘dreamy’ smile. It’s a place where in like-minded partner members have created a space we can all share, enjoy and make a success through determination, diverse skills and the sheer power of numbers. There is a public space offering a contemporary drink where everyone is welcome. Those who explore off the lit roads into the dark underbelly of St Helier will be rewarded with a well thought out and diverse wine, beer and spirits list, not to forget inventive cocktails for the mixologists amongst us.



Project 52 is more than just a bar; it’s a partnership amongst piers, friends and most importantly those people who aren’t scared of change. We all strive for a little stimulation in whatever industry we’re in. As beautiful and inclusive as Jersey may feel change needs to be pushed from time to time. Its isolation from the mainland can result in missed market trends. The requirement to introduce new diverse products to the market on a regular basis is so important.

On top of this, Jersey has an incredibly strong and creative design industry locally. Working together with these creative thinkers, thinking by design, really brings a new dimension to the market in the form of Project 52. Craft beer and gin movements over the last few years have shown great improvement; not only in the product you sip but in the way the brand is marketed in essence they have been made fashionable. Why not make something look as good as it tastes, surely it only adds to the experience!? The products themselves, the juice inside the bottle/can is now at an all-time high in terms of quality and diversity of style. The trick is to bring all of these working components together; creating a working partnership between likeminded people so everyone can enjoy a new concept.

This is what Project 52 is about. Bringing you change. A concept not yet visited in Jersey. A drinks offering that will tickle and interest even the most curious, all delivered to you in an environment suited to style and in an area of St Helier, which for all its current faults sees real promise.



2017 at Project 52 will be an experimental year for you all to experience… and to answer your first question… ‘It’s down Waterloo Lane #findusandyourein all you need to do is look for the buzzer’.



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