Matt's weekend wine selection

Just in time for the weekend, I wanted to put together a few preference wines to get the juices flowing. 'My selection process is purely based on a few favourites both from a quality point of view and also a value for money point of view'

Here are my wine picks for the weekend.

Le Pic, Calmel & Joseph.

I am a little biased towards French wines been a Frenchman, however as the wine description says 'a great nose' mint & juniper really gives this wine a complexity & distinct flavour.


 Villa Blanche, Marselan.

This wine really surpasses expectation given the price, a really great value wine. Marselan is not a grape varietal that many have heard of, It is a cross between Cabernet Sauvignon and Grenache and was first bred in 1961 by Paul Truel near the French town of Marseillan.  The Cabernet Sauvignon element brings this wines a truly deep and luxurious colour and the Grenache helps bring structure to the wine with some softening of the tannin resulting in a supple and soft finish.


Qunita Da Alorna 

Extreme Value for money, bursting with passion fruit & lime this is an easy drinker, tropical and fragrant. The Portuguese have done this so well, this wine was a surprise package in a recent blind tasting session we held in the shop, it just happened to beat a few expensive wines on the night.  


Casas del Bosque, Carmenere

Well well well... hands down the best fruit forward new world wine in the shop... Richard Phelps (no relation to the Olympic gold winning swimmer) has created a beauty. Carmenere is an interesting varietal. Originating in my home town cuttings were exported by Chilean growers from Bordeaux during the 19th century, where they were frequently confused with Merlot vines. Carmenere has thrived in the Chilean climate since. 


Roc De Lusac, St Emilion

I actually have family back in France who work at this vineyard so needless to say I have tried a fair few vintages, this wine is a really good introduction wine to St Emilion, medium in body this wine has a roundness, well balanced feel to it, the finish soft but with body.

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