'From the horses mouth' Pink Pepper Gin

Ian Spink - Pink Pepper Gin

Pink Pepper Gin is a highly unusual interpretation of the spirit, with a rich, creamy vanilla profile offset by a light, bright pepper. It was never meant to be a stand alone product, rather it was made so that its creators, Ian Spink and Miko Abouaf could showcase their distilling skills in order to launch a service in which they would make spirits for other people. 

We are looking to welcome Ian to the Island on the 7th & 8th of June. Ian will be hosting a special gin cocktail master class with us. To meet Ian please reserve your space by RSVP to Kevin@lovewine.je 

More details to follow.

Kevin's Cocktail Idea

I couldn't help myself and decided to mix up Ian's delicious cocktail for everyone to see and enjoy at home, please see below for instructions and ingredients.

'The Pink Charles'

As a very round and aromatic gin - Pink Pepper is perfect served neat or over ice. As it is cooled, or diluted it will reveal an intense freshness - so it makes a very distinct and delicious gin & tonic or Negroni, that said I feel 'The Pink Charles' works very well.

60 ml Pink Pepper Gin
5 ml Bohemian Absinth
3 Dashes Maraschino
2 Drops Sugar Syrup

Stirred, served with a squeezed grapefruit peel and a maraschino cherry


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