Clean & Press Hard Seltzers just landed from BrewDog!

Clean & Press Hard Seltzers just landed from BrewDog!

With Hard Seltzer taking the US by storm recently, BrewDog wanted to create their own version that doesn't rely on cheap, low-quality alcohol. Clean and Press seltzer is spiked with exceptionally high-quality single malt vodka, Rogue Wave.

Clean and Press is quite simply sparkling Scottish water, spiked with BrewDog's own vodka and infused with all-natural fruit flavours.

Zero Carbs, Zero Sugars and only 90 calories per can.

We have 3 flavours, available now exclusively on our online shop and in-store.

White Peach and Mango: This is a killer flavour combination. Ripe tropical fruits lead the way with background hints of coconut and vanilla. A super refreshing flavour bomb of a hard seltzer!

Crushed Black Cherry: The black cherry seltzer is light and hard-hitting simultaneously. A riot of fresh cherries, dark rich fruit lifted by the crisp bubbles with minimal sweetness.


Smashed Cactus & Lime: Inspired by the Mohave desert in Arizona and made with the distillery's very own Rogue Wave Vodka. Ought to be a suitably refreshing tipple!

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