Blogging about BAGS!

Blogging about BAGS!

Today (Thursday 21st July 2022), the Single Use Plastics etc. (Restrictions) (Jersey) Law 2021 comes into effect. It means Islanders will no longer be issued with single-use carrier bags and will be charged a minimum charge per reusable bag.
The Law is designed to encourage a bring-your-own-bag culture in Jersey, reduce waste, and support the global push to reduce carbon emissions.
We have been in long-term discussions with the States of Jersey single-use plastics team to find a solution and way forward to work with the new law and have been very interested to see how other retail businesses will adapt.

**We will be giving away ten free bags for life to the first ten customers that comment on this blog**

We moved away from single-use plastic bags five years ago to look for a more environmentally friendly solution to minimise our impact as a business on the environment. We brought in sustainably sourced paper bags that could comfortably hold six bottles, are recyclable and very much reusable and gave them away for free to our customers. Unfortunately, our current paper bags no longer comply with the new law as they don't meet the 170 gsm thickness threshold that the new law deems a bag is 'reusable'.

We have a good stock of our current bags, so we will continue to provide these to our customers free of charge until they run out. So please continue to recycle and reuse them where you can. We are not anticipating them to run our for the next few months but we will send an update before they do and a live day for the new scheme!

To comply with the new law, once our current paper bags have been exhausted, we will be offering our customers a 170gsm paper bag but will have to charge for these. We will also offer customers our branded bags for life as an attractive option that you can accessorise with any outfit, and that can often be seen at the best parties.

In addition, we will have to start charging for our branded mail-safe cardboard boxes as it makes little sense to the well-being of the environment to start charging for paper bags but to give away cardboard boxes for free. We hope that the charge on the new paper bags and boxes will encourage people to reuse where possible to help build a more sustainable environment for the future. We will also offer a selection of free reused old wine boxes for customers to transport their purchases in if they are caught short without a bag.

Give us a shout if you want any clarification on the new law!

Paper bag post...Done.

**you must be a resident in Jersey as the free bags are for collection only**

#ruleoutplastic #apaperbagisdefinitelynotreusableunlessits170gsm

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