Best selling Malbec is back with a new vintage!!

Familia Schroeder Saurus Select Malbec is BACK!

Now, I know how much of a big seller this was when I first arrived at Love Wine...Chris kept on reiterating to me.. "Kevin this is our best selling Malbec, treat her right"!

I was fortunate enough to sample the 2012 vintage as this was one of the first wines I was introduced to upon starting my tenure. Once the fantastic vintage sold out, the team were excited to taste the new vintage. Familia Schroeder released their 2014 vintage but unfortunately it did not quite hit the heights of the stellar 2012 due to poor weather conditions. A lack of cool air provided by the Pacific Ocean saw increased temperatures effecting sugar content of the grapes forcing the Schroeder family to harvest early. Given the pure drinking pleasure of the previous vintage we returned the 2014 vintage leaving Saurus out of stock for 6 months.

The next chapter of this Malbec has arrived... Vintage 2015, apprehensive at first we cracked it open... I am elated to let you know that the cool waters & weather conditions between the Neuquén River and the Limay River on the North-West coast of Patagonia have had a blinder, cool air provided by the Pacific Ocean has allowed for slow ripening of the grapes on the vine producing good sugar levels for ultimate viscosity, power & body.

For anyone wanting to purchase a 'steak wine' I suggest picking it up and seeing what the fuss is about, although extremely pleasant on its own, this Malbec really benefits when paired with well seasoned rib-eye.

If you're a bit of a foodie make sure you get down to your local butchers and pick up a Jus, the residual sugar balanced with medium acidity in this Malbec suits a meaty sauce, soft supple tannins allows for a harmonious blend of flavour and texture in the mouth 'the Umami effect in full swing!'


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