Gin & Tonic Paring At Suma's With Double Dutch - Wednesday, March 7th.

Gin & Tonic Paring At Suma's With Double Dutch - Wednesday, March 7th.

Joyce and Raissa From Double Dutch Tonic set to host

This month sees the return of our second G&T vs food evening at Suma's in Gorey. After hosting our first ever G&T evening with resounding success the people of Jersey have been banging at the door for a repeat of last years entertaining dinner with a new take on the food angle along with five excellent new styles of gin.

The team had a lot of fun tasting dishes against certain gins to create a wonderful pairing menu. Once we'd all settled on the best combinations we unleashed our findings to a packed out dining room in Gorey which saw Will educate us on the topic of gin. Each course was explained by restaurant owner Paul and in turn Will explained in great detail where the gin's came into play with different botanical's matching different tonics and the food. 

Joyce and Raissa Double Dutch will be flying in especially for this year's event to join us and to host their exceptional tonic range along side Will and Paul. 


Where is all this happening? 

Suma's Restaurant

Gorey Hill, Je3 6ET, Jersey, Chanel Islands

 +44 1534 853291

Future Gin & Tonic Evening's

Will, Paul and the chefs have been working furiously hard to ensure that this event can reach as many people as possible, given limited space is available Paul and Will are looking to emulate this on a more frequent basis, 'Love Gin??? so do we... we hope to reach as many islanders as possible to share this bespoke evening of entertainment, gin is huge at the moment! lets enjoy it'





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