Calmel & Joseph wine tasting 22nd of November

Calmel & Joseph wine tasting 22nd of November

Jerome Joseph hosting at Love Wine's tasting room 22nd of November

Jerome Joseph from Calmel & Joseph winery will be joining us this November with an excellent opportunity to fire in your questions and sample some of his wines, we currently boast 9 of Calmel and Josephs' wines and Jerome has expressed his interest in talking us through them. If you are looking for a new favorite wine or simply just enjoy an array of wines then this tasting offers you the chance to explore those avenues. Jerome is one of the partners from Calmel & Joseph wines as the latter part of the labeling might suggest, his unique wines bring families together and really help to make special occasions that little bit more comforting! 

Founded in 1995, Calmel & Joseph is a maison de négoce specializing in Languedoc-Roussillon wines from private wineries from across the region. Over the years, they have built close personal relationships with a large number of growers from all appellations. Convinced of the extraordinary potential of this region, oenologist, Laurent Calmel, and Jerome Joseph work together on the vinification, blending and ageing of wines with the common purpose of demonstrating the little known yet unique quality of these Mediterranean terroirs. As well as their desire to produce high quality wines consistent with their terroirs, they are committed to making wines which reflect our convictions and experience.

As always this is an RSVP event so if you would like to reserve a slot please email your interest to to obtain your confirmation, there are limited spaces available so reservations will be handed out on a first come first serve basis. 

During the evening we will be lightly educated and serenaded by Jerome along with wines to help digest and enjoy whats on offer, this is a great chance to find a new favorite wine for Christmas, along with the opportunity to try something new and talk through some first hand experiences with one of the markets leading producers.

Save the date, get your reservations in! We look forward to welcoming you to our tasting room on the 22nd of November 2017!

Here is a sneak preview of some of the wines we will be pulling the corks out of on the night...


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